Balancing Body & Brain


“I’m happy – I haven’t felt this kind of joy and happiness for more than 8 years.”

“I wake up happy and relaxed. I always used to sleep-in late and still felt exhausted.”

“To sit in a restaurant with lots of people and lots of noise, and to be able to enjoy it and have fun after 4 long, intense and busy days – this was not possible for me before.”

“This is the biggest high I’ve ever had – no medical drugs can match this.”

“It felt like all my anger just disappeared through my body and simply vanished through my extremities.”

“I used to have tsunamis of thoughts in my head every time I hit the pillow at night. Now, all the thoughts are clear and separate. I can make them out, hold on to them and process them. Then I move to the next one. A seemingly easy task that was very hard for me to do.”

“I had trauma coming to the surface this week, that I didn’t even know was there. Now I have dealt with all that.”

“I’ve been crying more this week than in, what seems, my whole life before. It feels good to get it out.”

“My body used to feel like an empty armor with only anger and grief inside. Even when I stood with my children for the first time ? I felt NOTHING. It seemed so wrong and I used to pretend to feel the way I knew would be normal and acceptable – now I know that it was wrong, and I have never felt better. “

“I just want to stay on this horse.”

“All soldiers/veterans with PTSD should go through such program. It gives peace and clarity.”

“This program gave me hope that I can get my life back.”

“I sleep a deep sleep that I am not used to. Although I still wake up 3 times in the night, I just fall asleep again. In the morning I wake up clear, happy and relaxed.”

“I have not had a single incident after returning to Denmark. I can now be with my family and deal peacefully with my little baby crying and waking up at night.”

“I can now go shopping, even when there are many people around ? that was not possible before.”

“I can now go out without head phones blasting music in my ears. I can once again deal with crowds.”

“3 weeks after returning, I am still completely calm, happy and clear in my head. The 5 days at HBM have changed so much for me.  I now have something to offer to other people. I have been pro-active and removed myself from bad environments. I am planning my future with a whole new drive and new possibilities. THANK YOU HBM!”

Quotes from the veterans
Quotes from the veterans participating in a Pilot Project, receiving 10 HBM sessions in 5 days

“HBM saved our Grandson Diego from failing at life to starting linebacker in high school football and pulling straight A’s!”

Diego's Grandmother