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What is Horseback Miracles?

Horseback Miracle (HBM) is a non-profit organization which provides the most advanced, innovative and worldwide unique equine-assisted sensory-based therapy program for its participants from a successful method invented and develop since 1991 by Terry Draper.

What is Draper Therapy?

Draper Sensory Method is based on scientific principles of the brain-body connection and a well-defined series of equine mounted activities. It supports and enhances HBM participants’ abilities to think more rationally, make more socially acceptable decisions and receive hope for a successful and better life.

Why we are different from other equine-assisted therapies?

Draper Sensory Method is the most advanced equine-assisted program available. More than 25 years of researches and experience allowed us to develop a unique connection between a participant and a horse where the horse acts as a catalyst in connecting the human brain functions.