Balancing Body & Brain


HBM Board Members’ initial and continued vision has been to serve mass numbers of participants, with their participating agencies paying only 5% of the expenses and with minimal help from other outside revenue sources. This is a philosophy that very few non-profit organizations in today’s society can accomplish. For example, the challenge during the developmental phase of HBM was to reduce the traditional expenses that plague most non-profit organizations and to develop methods to generate revenues to become self-sustaining. HBM Board of Directors knew that effectively addressing the areas of facilities, labor cost, and activity expenses could be the financial cornerstones that separated HBM from all other non-profit organizations.

Facilities, whether for administrative operation or to implement program activities, has become one of the greatest expense for most non-profits. Therefore, reduction or limiting such expenses would make HBM different from most non-profit organizations. To accomplish such a task, community collaboration had to take on a totally different shape than the traditional process. To accomplish this, HBM secured a long-term donated Triple Net Lease of ranch assets with Perry Park Ranch LLC (PPR). PPR has committed to donate all monthly lease payments through in-kind contributions, during the lease period ending 2016 with extensions. HBM is extremely fortunate to be able to provide a state-of- the-art facility in a beautiful setting.Located on a stunning 75-acre ranch, the facility provides administrative offices and an ideal intimate setting for the program and for the participants. The 1.5 million dollar donated facility not only ensures longevity, as well as year-round use through the indoor arenas, but also provides HBM the opportunity to generate revenues through earned income from the ranch assets. For example: boarding horses for the surrounding area, providing private lessons for the community, time sharing of program horses and acting as a distributor of feed sales to the community as revenue-generating activities. Very few non-profit organizations have this type of opportunity in becoming self-sustaining. In addition, by collaborating with agencies that already serve emotionally disturbed teenagers, we not only ensure continuity for each participant, but we limit a tremendous amount of administrative duties and staffing requirements. Although the reduction of activity expenses is a difficult task, the donated lease of ranch assets provides HBM with the horses and equipment necessary for the completion of the program.