Balancing Body & Brain


With the aspiration to provide life-choice alternatives for our nation’s high-risk population, Terry Draper (Larkspur, CO) founded Horseback Miracles, Inc. (HBM). Since 1991, HBM has grown from one man’s vision into an expanded program that serves the mental and/or neuro-developmentally delayed.

Drawn to action by compassion and commitment to make a difference in the lives of these youth, Terry Draper has led the effort to design and document a scientific-based equine sensory therapy program that emphasizes specific equine mounted activities. HBM methodology facilitates the flow of information within the brain and creates “whole-brain” learning that establishes our participants’ innate ability to learn and function. This scientific process is the fundamental cornerstone of our methodology, which has become a measurable force in achieving statistically significant positive behavioral change and learning capabilities for our participants.